Untitled (Nudes) (1959)

Untitled (Nudes) (1959)


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Bob Thompson

charcoal on paper

11.875 x 17.75”

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(1937-1966) had a very short eight-year career, yet has left a legacy of over 1,000 paintings and drawings. He experienced rapid success upon moving to New York City as a young artist, immediately getting solo shows in the city. Critic Peter Schjeldahl describes the art scene surrounding Thompson as “a community of untrammeled, funky seers who all but breathed paint.” He was very involved in the American jazz scene, and was good friends with Alan Ginsberg and many other beat generation poets and artists. He spent a few years in Europe studying his primary influence, the Old Masters, funded by a grant from The Whitney Museum. His work is in many major collections throughout the country.