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About Us

We created a platform to connect art with art buyers.

AllArtWorks is a platform created to connect art with art buyers as freely as possible by letting the quality of the work speak for itself.

This is a rotating online show of 44 pictures, 8 of which are by artists who have world wide critical success and have achieved historical significance. All art is for sale.

Through our long-standing relationships with multiple NYC galleries and private dealers we represent secondary market work by such renowned artists as Arthur Dove, Robert DeNiro Sr., Fairfield Porter, Philip Pearlstein and many others. We curate this work beside our artists both in physical shows and online to show the high quality of the juried work on the platform.  

All of the art on the site has been hand selected by the curators, so you can be confident in the quality of each and every piece. We provide fast shipping and a very high quality frame, ready to hang with a wire, hook and nail for almost any type of wall. All you need is a hammer!


Showing work by such world-renowned masters as Delacroix on the same wall as someone who is just beginning their career, is an effort to break down barriers, and to highlight the connections and quality in all art regardless of level of accomplishment or environment. I think promoting this kind of accessibility is an idea that works especially well in the U.S.”
— Tyler Loftis


About Tyler Loftis

Tyler Loftis, creator of AllArtWorks, was born in Michigan. He has lived in New York City’s East Village since the late 1990's. After studying at the New York Studio School and the New York Academy, he spent several years traveling and studying throughout Europe. His work is in prominent collections throughout the country.


Learn about the physical shows that AllArtWorks puts on here.