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Artist Playbook


 Artist Playbook

Artists who have been accepted to the platform: Welcome to AllArtWorks! We are excited to have you!

Before you get started, there are a few things to know. Any questions should be directed to or call Chris Protas at 917-572-0175.

  1. By paying the acceptance fee you agree to AllArtWorks Terms of Service. The Terms of Service starts on the date we receive the artwork, and is good for 1 year.

  2. The $15/piece fee goes toward professional photography of your work, 1 year of storage, insurance, and participation in our physical shows, and is non-refundable.

  3. Your work is fully insured while in our care.

  4. You are responsible for shipping to AllArtWorks and our team manages order fulfillment after a piece is sold through AllArtWorks. We recommend adding shipping costs into your price.

  5. If after 1 year the work doesn’t sell, you are responsible for return shipping.

  6. Sales: Each artist receives 60% of the declared value of the work. (If you are responsible for your own sale, you will receive 70% of that price - just contact us within a week of the sale to let us know.) The listed price will be the declared value plus cost of frame and shipping. AllArtWorks sends payment 7 days after the buyer receives their piece.

  7. We often run sales through the platform. The discount always comes out of AllArtWorks commission, never from the artists’ 60% cut.

  8. Your work will be professionally framed - this means we will put small screw holes into the back of your artwork. This will not damage your artwork. 


Submitting to the online platform


    • Submit 1 to 5 pieces

    • 2-D work only

    • All accepted work must be mounted to wood no less than 1/2” thick (i.e. stretched canvas, collage on wood or stretched canvas, drawing mounted on wood or stretched canvas, watercolor mounted on wood or stretched canvas)

    • Maximum 36" in either dimension

    • File format: JPEG

    • If you have any further questions you can call 917-572-0175